Atheer Announces Tablet Support for Award-Winning AiR Enterprise Application

AiR Enterprise is already available for use on Android-powered smart glasses, including those manufactured by ODG, Epson and Vuzix.

“The release of AiR Enterprise for Android tablets is another important step towards delivering on the promise of Augmented Reality for all our industrial enterprise customers,” said Soulaiman Itani, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Atheer.  “It provides our customers with the flexibility, scalability, speed and choice they need to bring together their physical and digital workspaces – using assets and technology they already have.”

By getting AiR Enterprise for Android tablets into the hands of customers, Atheer will be able to offer and refine AR solutions that seamlessly integrate tablets and smart glasses experiences into a single, cohesive working environment. It also recognizes the reality that tablets represent a hugely popular platform with a large install base, and will likely continue to do so for many years to come.

“As we are establishing Atheer as the standard software platform for AR, we believe that providing a great seamless, integrated experience of using smart glasses and tablets together – as part of unified solution – will provide huge advantages for our customers,” Mr. Itani concluded.

About Atheer, Inc.

Atheer is the pioneer of AiR™ (Augmented interactive Reality) computing, designed to improve the productivity, quality, accuracy, and safety of workers at the world’s leading industrial enterprises. Atheer’s award-winning AiR technology powers the AiR Enterprise™ AR solution for industrial enterprises. AiR Enterprise is designed to meet the business needs of the world’s largest and most respected…

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