Aronian Wins Grenke Chess With Round To Spare

Apr 21, 2017, 4:27 PM

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With a fourth win in a row Levon Aronian, reached a 5/6 score today, winning the Grenke Chess Classic with a round to spare since the other games ended in draws.

Tournament victory for Levon Aronian. | Image courtesy Grenke Chess Classic.

“This guy didn’t look at a chessboard for two months, and as a result he got his inspiration back,” tweeted chess photographer David Llada today. Llada, who lives in San Sebastian, is a good friend of Aronian, who bought a house in that city a few years ago.

Aronian’s last tournament was in Sharjah in February, where he finished on a very disappointing 4/9—a horrible start of his 2017 FIDE Grand Prix series. It’s understandable that the Armenian player decided to focus on other joys of life after that, and look what it brought him: excellent form, and early tournament victory.

An interview with Levon Aronian by Eric van Reem.

Today he got an early grip on the position against Hou Yifan, but “my opponent defended very well,” Aronian credited his opponent. He had a typical explanation for his trade on move 31, vintage Aronian:

“I was sure that it should be winning. It’s best just to cash in and play quickly. Svidler’s strategy. Make a decision but do it quickly.”

Asked how he knows when to cash in, Aronian said: “It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s quick. If there are decisions then normally you regret. But if you do it quick, you didn’t see any other opportunities for you.”