Are you stuck in the Patent Pending Queue?

We all deserve a chance to be someone better in our lives. For that we dedicate our time and energy to discover new products and get new things that would help mankind into the path of discovery. However it has been proved over and over again in history that while it was a possibly one of the greatest discoveries at that time, it was done around the same time by more than one person and the one who won the award for patenting it first got the prize for being the one who discovered it. There are numerous such stories in the history of scientific inventions that bear proof that when you do not apply for patents in the right time, your glory might just get taken away by someone else because he too had a similar brilliant plan that he just registered first.

Now the question arises, what exactly is a patent and how is it needed?

Well the truth is, patents are the legal document that proves that your rights are secured about any invention that you have done. It is the creative right of a person to own a product based on a particular formula. Nowadays there are many ways of applying for a patent, but the best is probably to apply for it to your local government agency.

How to apply for patent

First you would need to get a patent application form which is a form where you state clearly the product you are thinking of patenting, how it has been created, what is the end result and in which segment of science is it relevant. The next step is for you to submit this application form to the concerned office where it would be at first evaluated then analyzed based on a worldwide data. Then the patent would be passed if your product is unique.

Why is a patent pending?

Now think of the scenario where your product that you have worked upon has got a similar product also registered. In that case the person who would grant the patent would have to analyze and assess that product, then figure out how it was made, its major components and other details before checking if there are…

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