Are you aware of the Types and Stages of Lung Cancer?

Cancer of the lung disorders is usually due to abnormal growth and development of cells within the tissues of the lungs. This disorder is responsible for almost 1.3 billion fatalities globally. The uncontrolled growth of cells accumulates within the lungs and this forms a cancer, which can be completely different from the cells located in the periphery of the lungs. This growth is regarded as dangerous since it takes the nutrients and oxygen on the healthy cells. In the US, lung cancer overtaken the average amount of deaths due to prostate related and breast cancer.

The major cause of cancer of the lung includes smoking, too much exposure to radon gas and lengthened exposure to asbestos. The most prominent symptoms of lung cancer in men and women include shortness of breath, coughing up blood, ache in the back, arms and chest and repetitive attacks of pneumonia and bronchitis. Cancer growths are usually located in the right lung than in the left lung and there are two basic kinds of the disease:

* Small Cell Lung Cancer or SCLC: This is often considered as the very least common kind of lung carcinoma and the multiplication of this is at an alarming rate. The main reason for this cancer problem is smoking cigarettes.

* Non-small Cell Lung Cancer or NSCLC: This, however, is recognized as the most common type of cancer of the lung and this also includes subtypes of tumors including squamous cell lung cancer, adenocarcinoma and large cell lung cancer.

To be able to identify cancer stage effectively, the patient will be needed to undergo MRI scans, laboratory testing, bone scans and X-rays. Positive results from the lab testing are often because of the presence of metastases in the bone or liver. By using a radiological method, the size of tumor as well as spread can be discovered. What does lung cancer feel like? This typically is determined by the type of growth and the cancer stage. The different stages of lung cancer include the following:

Stage I: This is the…

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