Application Monitoring Software – Essential for Critical and Sensitive Data Applications

To say application monitoring software is necessary for online business success would be an understatement. The fact is, monitoring tools are absolutely indispensable.

Monitoring tools track the health and performance of business applications, and identify and fix key issues before they cause problems.

Today networks and SaaS applications have become critical components of entrepreneurship- irrespective of whether the business is large or small.

When networks and applications fail, it is a disaster. Staff and customers cannot communicate with each other, or access business critical services. In short there is productivity loss and consequent shortfall in revenue.

To prevent a catastrophe you need network monitoring software that reduces network outages, and allows businesses to operate effortlessly and smoothly through proactive infrastructure intelligence.

A cloud hosted, or SaaS-based monitoring solution gives businesses one additional layer of protection in the event of a network outage; if their internal network does go down, monitoring is still accessible for all other critical applications, private cloud, websites and devices existing outside of their on-site network.

The critical network elements that need monitoring are:

Email Servers

Many businesses rely on an internal email server that distributes emails to all LAN users. Failure of email server causes a severe disconnect between users and customers resulting in stoppage of all business operations. Importantly customer support takes a big hit. IT managers therefore need to monitor their email availability 24 x 7.

WAN links

Networking the wide area has offered unique opportunity to businesses to deliver value both in terms of operational efficiency and business alignment. Today unified application (UC) and WAN optimization are delivering the same type of application experience and management tools that were once available only over LAN.

Business operations over the years while growing nationally and globally have…

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