AOL will cut off third-party app access to AIM

K W Reinsch

On Tuesday, AOL (yes, it’s still around) suddenly announced to users of AOL Instant Messenger (including yours truly) that it would be disabling access to its network through at least one third-party messaging app (Adium) as of March 28. Third-party chat apps like Adium, Trillian, or Pidgin use the company’s OSCAR chat protocol to handle AIM messages.

The service will continue to live on through AOL’s proprietary standalone chat app, which exists for MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

One Ars editor reported no such message when using the Trillian app, while another editor reported that her AIM account would not connect via Adium at all.

Since the advent of Gmail and Gchat in 2009, AIM’s user base had been declining. In 2012, AOL gutted the AOL Instant Messenger group, essentially halting its development.


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