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Rapper Anthony Lucius may hail from the Metro East, but he’s not letting that stop him from making it in St. Louis and beyond.

“Smino, Mvstermind, there’s so many people in St. Louis — it’s crazy. I just want to be with that,” says Lucius, determined to be part of the St. Louis scene he admires.

But he senses a barrier between St. Louis hip-hop artists and their Metro East counterparts.

“I’m a man on a mission,” he says. “I’m showing I had to come from East St. Louis to St. Louis to prove myself. I just want to be heard. There aren’t a lot of resources in the 618 (area code). As much as I appreciate St. Louis and everything St. Louis has been doing as far as helping me out, I’m trying to do the same thing for people around here.”

Lucius says Metro East hip-hop artists “may be too stubborn to go over the bridge. I’m trying to get other 618 artists to come along with me.”

He hopes to make his mark with his debut album, “Welcome to St. Lucius,” which features “Bridge,” setting the tone for the album. “Welcome to St. Lucius” follows a couple of earlier mixtapes.

“I’m trying to push what I feel is unique with my sound. We’re making our own sound, and I feel like we’re coming up with something special,” says Lucius, who produced his album and created his music with co-engineer Travis Scott III. “I really capture it with my pen and how I rap on the mic.

“There are a lot of things going on now that are imitations. Everybody is trying to be another artist. But the time I put into this, you can tell the progressions ever since I’ve been going by the name Anthony Lucius. I’m telling my story in chronological order,” says Lucius, whose full name is Anthony Lucius Walker Jr.

Lucius says what he does musically is “easygoing and impactful. I’m telling the landscape of what I go through. It definitely challenges the definition of hip-hop. Lyrically, I make sure I’m staying true to myself. I’m honest and I don’t like to sugar-coat. I’ve always been blunt.”

In addition to “Bridge,” songs on “Welcome to St. Lucius” include “Fool’s Gold” featuring Teacup Dragun, “St. Lucius” with Sebo Lee, “Talkin’ Out of Bounds” with 4 Louie, “Just Anthony Lucius,” and “Swerve” featuring RT-Faq and Nick Menn. He considers the latter two performers to be his biggest influences.


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