An Overview about Hot Water Cylinders

Many of you will agree on the fact that when householders decide on fitting the hot water cylinders into their home, they will also have to pay attention towards buying a cylinder that is vented or unvented. Actually selecting the one or the other is completely dependent up on whether they have direct or indirect system. These terms related to these devices and signifies how the mains water system is supplied – either directly connected to a pressure vessel that is placed inside the device or in an indirectly manner through a cold water storage tank. Majority of households utilise a combination of actually both types for indirect with common/normal heating procedure and an immersion heater used as back up or storage during hot water emergencies.

Actually the unvented devices were not permitted for domestic central heating systems. Only vented ones were allowed, this system has a vent pipe which is subjected to the atmospheric pressure. The mains liquid is directed…

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