American Revolution ‘pointless’ because judges now rule

Americans have already lost their right to self-government. Every issue of importance is decided by unelected judges. And while the Republican majority and President Trump seem without power, the country is gripped in nothing less than a “foundational crisis.”

That’s the charge of Daniel Horowitz, author of “Stolen Sovereignty,” who outlined the existential stakes facing the American people in an interview with Stefan Molyneux.

“The most foundational constitutional crisis I identified is the judicial crisis,” said Horowitz. “None of our government operates the way it was intended to operate. That’s for sure … But the single biggest crisis we have is judicial supremacy, the notion that the unelected branch of government, which has lifetime appointments, there’s nothing you can do, very closed, archaic profession, that they are the sole and final arbiter of every social and political issue. That in itself is a coup King George never thought of. That’s nuts.”

Horowitz points out in his book judicial rule raises a fundamental question.

“What … was the point of the American Revolution if unelected judges are making massive changes to society?” asked Molyneux. “No social transformation without representation. It cracks the question for a lot of people. When we look at immigration and demographics and Third World cultures pouring into the West, nobody asked for this! People opposed it! How did it come about?”

Horowitz argued the book was ahead of its time when it was released. America now has a president who has actually shown some willingness to enforce America’s immigration laws, yet remarkably, the courts are simply nullifying existing laws based on the whims of judges, in violation of centuries of judicial precedent.

And the worst, predicted Horowitz, is yet to come, when courts implement what he believes is the “final frontier in social transformation without representation.”

“They’ve redefined marriage, they’re now redefining sexuality, what they’re going to do is take all the … rights they’ve created for the protected classes of Americans and they’re going to copy and paste those to 7.2 billion people in the world and create an affirmative right to immigrate. They just did exactly that. And not just the Supreme Court! Even puny district court judges are regarded as the sole and final arbiter, over the president, the Congress, longstanding statute, 200 years of settled case law where the courts themselves said they have no provenance in immigration.”

However, the legal struggles that have consumed the Trump administration at least have one beneficial effect. Americans are beginning to notice they no longer truly govern themselves.

“People appreciate it now, like with the ‘deep state,’” said Horowitz. “People can begin to appreciate that elections don’t mean anything. A lot of…

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