American Musical Supply Releases New Behind-the-scenes Article on Breedlove Guitars

“The whole entire body is just alive” – Devin Purcell.

2017 marks twenty-five years since the acoustic guitar craftsmen debuted their first five models, and since then Breedlove has come to be known the world over as an innovative, passionate brand whose master luthiers have a single-minded goal: satisfy the hands, heart, and soul of the musician. To celebrate this important milestone, American Musical Supply has released a new behind-the-scenes article on Breedlove Guitars.

Music industry journalist Freddy Charles met up with Devin Percell, Breedlove’s global sales manager to get the story.

“We’re not trying to be ‘anything for anyone,’” said Devin Percell, Breedlove’s global sales manager. “We’re trying to create purpose built instruments.” From the unique Breedlove American Guitars built in Bend, Oregon to the incredibly versatile Breedlove International Guitars, these instruments are purpose-built, targeted towards certain types of players. And while they may have started with guitars, Breedlove Bass Guitars and Breedlove Mandolins expand musical possibilities with their own unique flavors and provide exciting new voices for solo musicians and bands alike. Ultimately, when it comes to all of Breedlove’s instruments, everything from the implementation of design to body style and bracing patterns are all geared towards specific styles of musicians.

To illustrate Percell’s point, one need only look at the long list of Breedlove-loyal virtuosos, which includes singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, Honeytribe founder Devon Allman, and Jeff Pilson of Dokken and Foreigner, to name just a few.

The original notion behind Breedlove was conceived long before the company’s inception in 1990. In the late nineteen eighties, Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, the company’s founders, both worked for a well-known guitar manufacturer, but the duo had their own ideas about how instruments should be crafted.

Ultimately, in order to execute their ideas, Larry and Steve had to break away from the traditional guitar manufacturers and start their own company. The premise: create the most dynamic acoustic guitars possible. In order to produce the distinctive Breedlove sound, their early prototypes implemented two crucial elements that set the standard for the brand, even into modern day. The first was a graduated top thickness, which is slightly thicker on the treble side to produce a cleaner, more balanced tone. The second is a unique bridge truss system that allows the top wood sustained flexibility without sacrificing stability. These two components, available in many Breedlove models, enable the superior sound for which the company is known.

For the last twenty-five years, Breedlove’s goal has always been to…

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