Aloria Health Welcomes New Medical Director

Dr. Gina Negrette, a skilled Wisconsin-based psychiatrist, has joined Aloria Health, as medical director. Dr. Negrette has more than a decade of experience in psychiatry, treating clients in diverse settings, including inpatient and outpatient settings. She has worked closely with individuals fighting addictions, eating disorders, psychotic and manic conditions, as well as those who were fighting simply to live through the night. Through these deeply life-changing experiences, Dr. Negrette found her calling as more than just a physician: as a guide, defender, educator and supporter of people.

Joining Aloria Health as medical director has provided Dr. Negrette a chance to fulfill one of her dreams. She feels that Aloria’s vision allows her to focus on making healing the priority. Dr. Negrette believes working at Aloria will allow her to share her skills and knowledge with clients that she has a passion for and work with a team that will continue to encourage and inspire her.

“There are so many moments that I derive fulfillment,” Dr. Negrette said. “From the young man who gives me a high five because he was able to eat a brownie, to the woman who is smiling at me in the morning because she has gone 7 days without bingeing/purging behaviors. Being able to see lightness in my clients after knowing so much darkness is the greatest gift.”

CEO Melissa Rocchi, says welcoming Dr. Negrette to Aloria Health is one more step in creating the ideal team to bring innovative, compassionate care to their clients. “Because of the diversity of her clients, Gina brings a unique experience to Aloria Health,” Rocchi said. “It has shaped her vision toward personal client care, and the personal joy she derives from seeing her clients succeed prove she is the perfect choice to be our medical director.”

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