All new security measures at Jerusalem holy site known as Temple Mount and Haram al-Sharif removed, Israel says

Israeli police say they have removed all security measures recently put in place at the sacred compound in Jerusalem known as the Temple Mount in Judaism and Haram al-Sharif in Islam.

Security camera infrastructure including railings and an overhead bridge were dismantled in the early hours of Thursday, spokesperson Luba Samri said, following the removal of metal detectors the day before.

After completing their own inspection, the site’s Muslim religious authority the Wafq announced that worshippers could end their current boycott of the site, urging the faithful to return to the compound’s al-Aqsa mosque to pray.


“The Israeli occupation forces have been trying for decades to violate the al-Aqsa mosque compound. Now, you are living in the new era of victory. We totally appreciate the masses who have been gathering,” a senior Waqf official told reporters. 

Thousands of Palestinians took to Jerusalem’s Old City overnight to celebrate the fact Israel had capitulated to their demands, dancing, setting off fireworks and waving Palestinian flags – a rare sight and rarer still feeling of Palestinian triumph in the contested city.

The installation of new security was met with uproar by Palestinians and Muslims across the world, who viewed as an Israeli attempt to exert more control over the politically sensitive site.

Worshippers had conducted morning prayers outside rather than inside al-Aqsa mosque in protest, and street clash violence killed at least four Palestinians.

Metal detectors removed from holy site by Israel authorities

In the occupied West Bank, three Israeli settlers were killed in their home as longstanding resentment over issues of Palestinian sovereignty and the Israeli occupation bubbled to the surface. 

In an effort to deescalate the growing crisis -…

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