Alex Jones: Conspiracy on trial

I spent most of my nights last week watching The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, the 10-part, Emmy-winning miniseries about the “trial of the century” that just recently became available on Netflix.

The series brought back lots of personal memories from the 1990s. I remember watching the slow-speed chase from my motel room in Taos, where I was covering another court proceeding, the first vehicular homicide trial of Gordon House, which was the highest-profile trial in this state that summer. I also remember, a few months after the Simpson verdict, watching The Interview, a controversial videotape Simpson was selling at the time. Simpson, who didn’t testify at his trial, gave his version of events. I watched it with then-District Attorney Henry Valdez and defense lawyer Aaron Wolf. All three of us laughed when Simpson talked about practicing golf in his yard on the night of the killings. “He’s chipping golf balls right by his Bentley?” Valdez said incredulously.

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