Alamo Colleges campus carry guidelines

The Alamo Colleges District shared how it plans to implement the new campus carry law that goes into effect next week.

The system says there will be some areas that licensed concealed carry will not be allowed. That includes board meetings, child care facilities, mental health counseling facilities in addition to locations where students or employees meet for disciplinary meetings, and several other sites.

“So now we are in the process of communicating and putting up the signs because without the signs you can’t enforce the rules for the prohibited areas,” explained Ross Laughead, General Counsel at Alamo Colleges.

The rules go into effect August 1st

Licensed Concealed Campus Carry of Handguns

The Alamo Colleges District, as a community college system, is required by Texas state law to implement the Licensed Concealed Campus Carry legislation by August 1, 2017.

Pursuant to state law, the Alamo Colleges have adopted reasonable rules somewhat limiting where licensed concealed campus carry is allowed, reflected in the Prohibited Areas listed below.

Sites Where Licensed Concealed Carry is Prohibited

Board meetings

Polling locations

Nonpublic, secure areas of police department sites

Child care facilities

Certain occasions of alcohol service

(TABC-licensed caterer responsible for determination)

Mental health counseling facilities (including SAC Women’s Center)

Locations where employee discipline and termination meetings and student/disciplinary meetings, as well as all types of student and employee complaint hearings are conducted

Certain areas where minors congregate

Scobee Planetarium

Dedicated facilities leased to ISDs for Early College High Schools

Classrooms primarily dedicated to Alamo Academies & Phoenix Middle College programs

Summer Camps (core areas)

Special testing areas where belongings must be surrendered during testing

All athletic facilities at all times (includes spectators as well as participants)

Use of resident-supplied gun lockers at Tobin…

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