Advanced stroke treatment introduced at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto

An advanced unit at Doctors Medical Center of Modesto has brought lifesaving treatment closer to stroke victims in the Northern San Joaquin Valley.

Doctors invested several million dollars in an Interventional Radiology Bi-Plane Suite, which offers a minimally invasive way of finding stroke-causing blood clots and aneurysms in the brain and then treating them.

The Bi-Plane technology provides a 3-D image of a blood clot that threatens disabling injuries to a patient. Once the clot is located, a doctor inserts a catheter in the patient’s groin and guides it to the brain to remove the blood clot.

Dr. James Jaffe, a specialist in neurointerventional surgery, demonstrated the system at the Florida Avenue hospital Thursday. He pointed to an aneurysm, or bubble on a blood vessel, projected on a large screen. Without treatment, the aneurysm could burst and cause paralysis, loss of speech or death.

Jaffe said he uses tiny coils to stop blood flow to an aneurysm and eliminate the problem.

The procedure done with a catheter is far less invasive than the older method, which involves removing a section of the patient’s skull and then a search through the gray matter for the aneurysm.

Jaffe said the Bi-Plane technology provides front, back and side views of the aneurysm and blood vessels, so “you know exactly where you are going.” The system also is used in treating bleeding strokes and pulling out a blood clot that has caused a stroke.

The Modesto hospital often has sent stroke patients to University of California San Francisco Medical Center or Stanford for surgery or interventions.

For every 30 minutes that treatment is delayed, there is a 10 percent less chance of a good recovery…

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