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Adam Carolla is a man of many talents. But his ability to juggle multiple projects – standup comedy, radio hosting and podcasting, writing best-selling books, producing films and documentaries – and succeed in each of them could be his most impressive.

Even during a recent phone interview, Carolla was discussing his new podcast master class he will be teaching at the Irvine Improv on Saturday, Aug. 5 in one breath, and instructing a carpenter who was measuring a door in Carolla’s house in another: “That’s your threshold, man, take your last piece and add a quarter inch to it,” said Carolla, who also has “former carpenter” on his lengthy résumé.

The former KROQ’s “Loveline” co-host and creator and host of the television series “The Man Show” said he has a natural inclination to teach people. So when the proposal of Carolla teaching a six-hour class on podcasting in Irvine came up, he said yes both to getting paid and instructing others on the art of creating digital audio files.

“The number one thing I like to do is impart wisdom, knowledge, facts, whatever. I mean, I just got done telling a guy how to cut a threshold for a door,” said Carolla, “I actually enjoy teaching people, and not critiquing them but coaching them; that’s the best way to do it. Some people take it well and everyone else just pushes back. Teaching people how to podcast or teaching them carpentry or teaching them other assets of life, I’m all in.”

Known for his raunchy, dry sense of humor, Carolla got his start with improvisational comedy at both the Groundlings and ACME Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles. He gained notice for co-hosting with Dr. Drew Pinsky on “Loveline” from 1995-2005, creating and co-hosting “The Man Show” with his longtime friend Jimmy Kimmel and co-creating the Comedy Central show “Crank Yankers.”

Carolla left “Loveline” in 2005 to host the radio show “The Adam Carolla Show.” When the show was canceled in 2009, he…

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