£14m Dawlish Warren beach management scheme – what is happening next?

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The next phase of a beach management scheme that will bring economic benefits of £158milllion is set to get underway next week. Dawlish Warren is the focus of an innovative £14million engineering project aimed at reducing the risk of flooding to over 2,900 properties around the River Exe. The work is being led by the Environment Agency, contractor BMMJV and Teignbridge.

The scheme involves increasing sand levels at the beach to protect defences through sand replenishment, replacing and refurbishing timber groynes and putting what looks like a giant sandbag (known as a ‘geotube’ container) into the vulnerable neck section of the Warren.

Once finished it will improve the quality of Dawlish Warren beach and it is estimated that the economic benefit of continuing to shelter communities and the main railway line from storms is around £158million.

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A spokesman for the Dawlish Warren Beach Management Scheme said: “One of the main elements of the Dawlish Warren Beach Management Scheme is the beach recharge. This activity involves a dredger collecting sand from a tested source at Pole Sands. The dredger then sails close to the shore at Dawlish Warren and pumps the sand onto the beach via a network of pipes. In places the new beach levels will be over 2m above the current beach levels, providing greater flood protection and much improved amenity area.

“The beach recharge operation is due to start in June, with a number of activities occurring this month in preparation.

“The work is being prioritised to complete the works at the amenity end of the beach (up to groyne 4) before the school summer holidays start.

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“The beach recharge activity is due to start partway through the half term week. However, to reduce risk to the public, the RNLI bathing area will be…

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