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I was given a second chance. Sometimes I question the Creator as to why, but I can’t dwell there. It would be dishonouring to the thousands of Indigenous women whose lives were taken and continue to be taken.

I fought to get where I am — through growing up in and out of the foster care system, a rape that almost left me dead at age 12, becoming a single mother at age 18, living on welfare and accessing the food bank for a season to get by.

But I held on to a dream in my heart for something more. With the gifts that Creator God gave me, I wanted to rise up past the adversity of my youth. And I did. I am.

With all the chaos unfolding with the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), it’s frustrating to witness what many of us have prayed for for so long appear to crumble.

From a survivor’s point of view, through all the uncertainty, I am still holding onto hope for its success, in whatever form it takes.

I don’t have the answers as to how it will work best, who should be in what position and why. But I do want it to succeed so that this dark chapter of our history can be closed forever and Indigenous women in this country can safely grow up and follow their destinies as they are meant to.

Aspirations, strengths and gifts

I could’ve been Tina Fontaine, just 14 years old, whose lifeless body was found wrapped in plastic floating down the Red River…. I was running away from home too, running away from child services and group homes. I could’ve ended up murdered, like Tina, who had a life of untold aspirations ahead that were brutally robbed away.

I was just as lost as her all those years ago, when the men took my innocence and threatened to kill me before I escaped. I am thankful I lived. Because, like Tina and many others, I had unbridled strengths, talents and gifts to share.

Now I am sharing my gifts.

As a national Indigenous journalist I bring passion, truth and strength to the media world. I carry a…

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