A myriad range of glass bubblers

Glass bubblers are a type of water pipe.  A glass bubbler has a stem that runs on the inside which is attached to the bottom of the bowl t. Because they are very compact in size, glass bubblers can be used to smoke using just one hand. Its structure is such that it encapsulates a single hole from which smoke can be inhaled. In terms of working mechanism, it is closer in style to the glass pipe except for the fact that it incorporates the use of water. Most smokers find glass bubblers to be a much more pleasing experience when compared to other modes such as glass pipes. They are bigger than glass pipes but in most cases smaller than water pipes. The need for such a device led to the creation of glass bubblers. Just like a water pipe, glass bubblers give one a chance to use water as a cooling factor. The advantage is that it is more compact in terms of size and therefore more portable. The sound that emanates from the glass bubbler is the same that you will hear from a hookah….

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