A Gist on Kitchen Knife and its Purposes

Cooking is the most interesting and essential part of everyone’s life. A tasty and delicious food is adored by all. Kitchen utensils and tools are the decisive requirement to make the food more attractive, colorful and interesting. Without proper knives, cutting boards and other cutlery set it is impossible to cook fast and quick.  Especially in hotels, knives play an important role to chop different food materials to prepare a variety of dishes throughout the day. Good knives set is prerequisite for cutting, chopping and mincing the vegetables.  It helps them to do flawless and perfect cooking.

There are different types of kitchen knives like caring, chefs, paring, boning, bread and cleaver. The type of edges and handles differ each other to cut fruits, vegetable, meat and bread. The tip, heel, spine, scales, handles guard, edge, bolsters and other parts of a knife varies from one knife to another. Each one is used to carry out special work for distinctive purposes.

1) The cleaver is an essential knife used to cut hard bones and meat easily as it has thick spine.
2) Carving is used to cut meat and ham into thinner slices.
3) Bread is a special kind of knife to cut the edges of the bread without  breaking it.
4) A chef knife is a flexible and multipurpose knife, which can do the task of all other knives. The heavy blade and wide spine help to cut even bones and ham.  
5) Paring is mainly used to peel the skin and to remove seeds as it is small in size.
6) There are many other varieties of the knife like a butter knife, utility knife, ham slicer, ect.

Though there are many types of knives to peel and cut the vegetable to desired shapes and size, Chef Knives set is very useful to do the task faster. This knife is usually from 15 to 30 cm in size. In hotels, the chef and other cooks need to cook only after taking the orders from their customers. To cook and decorate the dish quickly within a few minutes it is necessary to have a sharp knife to serve…

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