A dev’s guide to ensuring studio conflict is healthy and productive

Most game developers work with others and that means that, at some point, there’s going to be some conflict. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it can be toxic!

At GDC today, Finji CEO and cofounder Rebekah Saltsman shared some advice on cultivating the former and avoiding the latter, based on her own experience shipping multiple games at Finji alongside her husband (and Finji cofounder) Adam Saltsman.

“Adam and I get asked regularly how we can possibly stand to work together day in and day out, since we’re married and run an indie studio,” said Saltsman, skipping past the basics of maintaining harmonious working relationships  (“I’m straight up gonna assume that you’ve been to preschool”) to zero in on something she says they’ve noticed in multiple development teams: a basic failure to effectively communicate about changes to a project.

This seems intentionally broad: we’re talking here about anything from changing how much screen space an inventory screen…

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