50 Indie Movies Streaming on Netflix

From low-budget American gems to foreign masterpieces, these independent films are worth the click.

Netflix adds new movies almost every day, which only makes it harder to find ones worth watching. That’s where IndieWire comes in. From low-budget American gems to foreign film masterpieces, these are the overlooked independent movies you’ve got to make time for on Netflix. All titles are now available to stream.

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“6 Years” (2015)

“6 Years” provides a moving snapshot of a troubled relationship. The movie follows a young couple facing the titular anniversary as their future is challenged by various spats and infidelities. With an improvisatory style and two heartbreaking performances from Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield, “6 Years” imbues its traditional narrative with a fiery edge. Read IndieWire’s review.

“A Woman, A Part“ (2016)

In her feature directorial debut, Elisabeth Subrin confronts industry-wide sexism head on, making it clear that her protagonist’s experiences are not unique and dismantling any romantic notions about how Hollywood operates. “A Woman, A Part” is a film for the current state of Hollywood, bolstered by a strong lead turn by Maggie Siff as a TV star who has grown disenfranchised with the work afforded to her by her industry. Read IndieWire’s review.

“A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence”

“A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence” (2015)

“A Pigeon Sat on a Branch” comes from absurdist filmmaker Roy Andersson (“Songs From the Second Floor”), crafter of brilliantly odd films for nearly half a century. His latest weaves between the banal and the surreal and explores the human condition with a satirical eye. Read IndieWire’s review.

“Advantageous” (2015)

Jennifer Phang’s indie science-fiction movie is set in the near future where technology allows people to overcome their natural disadvantages and begin…

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