So what health bill amendment will the Senate consider next?

The Senate’s plan to create a clean repeal of the Affordable Care Act will take another roller-coaster turn Wednesday, a day after it narrowly approved a “motion to proceed” vote and rejected an amendment that would have repealed and replaced Obamacare. Senators are expected to vote on an amendment that would repeal Obamacare that wouldn’t take effect for two years. The delay is intended to give lawmakers time to come together on a replacement plan before people lose their health care. But even with conservative support, the clean repeal is not likely to pass because at least three Republican senators have all said they wouldn’t vote for a repeal without a replacement.  


Vice President Mike Pence was the tie-breaking vote as the Senate voted to advance the GOP health care bill that aims to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Cardinal appears in court to answer sex abuse allegations

One of the Vatican’s most senior officials made his first court appearance in Australia Wednesday as part of the ongoing child sex abuse scandal that has shaken the Catholic church since the early 2000s. Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser, became the highest official to be involved in the scandal when he was charged with sexual offenses against “multiple complainants” in late June. A native Australian, Pell has vehemently denied the allegations.


Cardinal George Pell says he is taking a leave of absence as the Vatican’s finance czar after Australian police charged him with multiple counts of “historical” sexual assault. Pell says he’s going back to Australia to fight the charges. (June 29)