5 soccer books you should read this summer

I don’t know about you but summer is the only time that I actually get to read. Nothing’s better than turning off the phone, sitting by the ocean, and reading a good book. With that in mind, I present five books that should be on your reading list.

1. When the Dream Became Reality by Bobby Warshaw

I start the list with the book I read most recently. Warshaw played three seasons with FC Dallas before jumping to Scandinavia and eventually ending his career with his hometown club the Harrisburg City Islanders. It’s during that last phase that Warshaw caught my attention because he started to appear on the Dummy Podcast.

Much like the analysis he provides on various outlets, Warshaw’s book is full of insight that will give you a more complete understanding of life as a professional soccer player. Warshaw is blunt as he discusses what it’s like to be drafted, fight with a coach, and work with agents. The book is full of fun stories and meaningful lessons.

Here’s the biggest endorsement I can give: I finished the book in just one day because I couldn’t put it down. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in soccer.

2. United States of Soccer by Phil West

This is another book I read recently, though it took me longer than a day (no offense). Through his writing, West tracks the development of Major League Soccer with great interviews from the people that were there.

As someone who didn’t start following the league until 2005, I really enjoyed the stories about the early days. One of my favorites involves a player who convinces an assistant coach to start his stopwatch a little later because the boys had a bit too much Olive Garden the night before their run.

This book is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know much about the league. That said, diehard fans will takeaway more than a few nuggets.

3. Thirty-One Nil by James Montague

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