5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Backpacker Of Europe

Being a backpacker of Europe was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And if you’re reading this article, considering backpacking Europe yourself, then you too could experience such a life-changing event.

In fact, travel of any sort is beneficial and not only for the interest and entertainment value of the individual travellers but also for the life changing experiences, discoveries and knowledge gained while at your destinations.

There are many different reasons why you should become a backpacker of Europe and I personally recommend backpacking Europe to anyone interested in working overseas, having an extended holidays and journeying across multiple countries. So why should you backpack Europe? Here are 5 of the reasons why I became a Backpacker of Europe.

First of all Europe is a region of the world that you could travel across by air in hardly any time at all.

Here in Australia where I am from takes around 6 hours to fly across the country from one coast to the other. Europe on the other hand can be virtually crossed in this same amount of time if you were to fly in straight line.

Europe has many countries within its realm and in these countries are many cities. Being in such close quarters it is easy and cheap to fly, train, bus or drive through, meaning a lot more to see while on your journey.

The second reason why I decided to become a backpacker of Europe was to find work overseas, in particular working in London.

Working in the UK made it easy for communications, as the nation speak my language and I also found it quite easy to find work there as have many of my friends. Most importantly though I wanted to enhance my career in finance and nothing looks better to a finance company than someone who has worked using multiple currencies, taxes and legislations.

Other career paths also look very favourably on those potential employees. Hospitality in particular but also construction and nursing are quite high on the list for career paths that can be enhanced.

Thirdly, the sense of independence and freedom was one of the biggest reasons I chose to backpack Europe. At the time I made the decision to pack my bags and head over to Europe I felt as though I was stuck in a rut, following the same routine, day in and day out.

I needed excitement, adventure and simply just something new. What better way to achieve this than moving overseas for a year or so.

Another reason would be the sense of achievement and fulfilment after this trip which of course ties in neatly with independence and freedom.

What I mean by sense of achievement is the feeling you get when you have faced the unknown and followed the path less travelled.

To be a backpacker of Europe and by completing an amazing journey like this requires you to know and quickly discover new currencies, new languages, the preparation in flights and accommodation, finding a place to live, finding work and the list of achievements goes on and on.

When you take action and complete these very important tasks you will be overwhelmed with fulfilment and achievement. This is even more so if you haven’t had to do a lot of this things before backpacking Europe or if you’re travelling solo. It’s quite a nice feeling knowing that you can survive, no matter what the world throws your way. Lastly and probably one of the most common and most obvious reasons for people to backpack Europe is simply for the destinations the backpacker has always dreamed of visiting.

Personally for me I felt I had to visit Italy. My mother and all her side of the family were born there, so for me it was heritage. I spent the most time in this country as a tourist, where as I spent the most time in the UK because I lived and worked there.

My father is an Australian but when we trace our history back our family actually descends from the Scottish Highlands from a small village called Braemar. This was another must see for me and since everyone goes to Edinburgh, following other tourists for me this was my chance to visit somewhere different and unique.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different reasons used for why a person would want to travel to any particular destination. These reasons could include visiting family or your family history, or maybe in search of particular cuisines, chasing the endless winter, sporting events, concerts and so on.

These 5 reasons why you should become a backpacker of Europe are only the icing on the cake. Every single person will have different ideas about why they do or don’t want to backpack Europe.

Backpacking Europe is a very rewarding challenge and is a journey like no other. I am positive that you too could think of a few more reasons why you should become a backpacker of Europe.

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