3 Very Useful Suggestions To Improve Your Browsing Experience

Internet users have to rely on some applications and tools to access the precious information resources. Whether information portal, website, or application; all are accessed with the purpose and objective of gaining quality information. However, not all of us are tech savvy that could employ latest technologies and enjoy the thrilling experience that internet provides. In the following, we are sharing three key suggestions that could help you improve browsing experience and add value to the learning exercise.

1: Learn the Basic Commands of Software:

First of all, it is essential to learn the basic commands of your internet browser. For example, you have downloaded Mozilla Firefox; there are some basic commands of opening a new browser window/tab, or refreshing the page. Bookmarking is another important element that one has to learn, as it helps a lot in storing/classifying important portals and information sources. For example, if you are using multiple social media websites, you…

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