3 Essential Vitamins for Hair Loss Prevention

Whether growing hair out or trying to prevent oneself from losing it, the battle can seem all but lost at times. Numerous conditions can cause hair to fall out so one approach does not fit all. However, a bit of promising information is that hair is cyclical and depending upon the person, it is normal to experience heavier hair loss at some times than others. For instance, a lot of hair may fall out every seven years as the hair renews itself. A person may lose up to 50 strands a day. Hair loss vitamins can help to keep existing hair while ensuring future growth as well. 


First, begin by taking biotin. Most multivitamins contain this vitamin. Biotin is responsible for hair growth. It also ensures that hair does not become brittle and suffer breakage and split ends as it strengthens the hair at the time it is growing out of the scalp. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is most beneficial to prevent hair loss. For example, it increases blood circulation in the scalp where the hair grows. Blood flow to individual hair strands properly nourishes each strand to deliver internal sources of nutrients to the hair, such as biotin. Vitamin E may be taken internally or applied externally to the scalp. Applying it directly to the scalp with a gentle massage achieves maximal results. Almond oil is particularly helpful for scalp massages and has a high amount of vitamin E in it. 

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are also highly beneficial to hair. Expecting mothers typically suffer hair loss at the birth of their children. Prenatal vitamins give the body vitamin B6, calcium, vitamin A and iron, which are important for hair health. B vitamins, generally, help to rid of stress, which in turn assists hair growth. Calcium is vital for hair growth. Vitamin A assists retinoic acid production, which helps with hair growth and health. Iron also assists in hair growth. Prenatal vitamins may also have various amounts of vitamin C and D. Vitamin C assists the body’s…

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