2BrightSparks Launch a New Level of Cloud-Based Backups

Powerful and Infinitely Capable Without a doubt the best backup software I have ever used. So powerful and infinitely capable. Thank you for your service, long may it continue! Tom Robinson, Desktop Support Technician, Dyson UK

Too many PC users don’t fully appreciate the extent that the files and data on their computers are at risk. Music, photos, financial records, website login details, spreadsheets, documents, movies and more are all too often stored on a single computer’s hard drive. If that drive should fall victim to hardware damage, corruption, virus infection, accidental deletion or ransomware, all of these files, photos and memories can be lost forever.

Data recovery firms may be able to recover some of the lost files, but prices for such services can run into the thousands, and there are no guarantees as to how much (if anything) will actually be recovered.

And while there is no shortage of backup software options to choose from, most are either too limiting, too expensive or too inflexible. And many of the “all in one” solutions tie the user down to using the product’s own systems and networks. If they decide to move to a new product, their old data can be lost forever.

SyncBackPro allows the user to choose precisely what is backed up, to where, when and how often. And whether working across a network, with remote files on a server, or making use of one of the many supported cloud platforms, the user can easily setup all of their files to be automatically backed up without having to intervene or even remember!

SyncBackPro can be set to create backups of files the moment they are created, or to only work at a time that will have no impact on the user, for example late at night.

Version 8 of the software includes full support for almost every cloud system you…

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