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Basketball Shoes vs. Running Shoes

Friday, May 26th, 2017:

 I’ve made this wrong move myself, in spite of the fact I knew better, of playing basketball in running shoes. I wound up with blisters on my toes and aching toenails.   I am going to make this clear as crystal, running shoes are not produced for basketball! You want to pick up the best basketball shoes possible.   Running shoes are crafted for movements in a straight line. They deliver the cushioning and support your feet demand for the constant impact they get from the ground while you are running. However, running shoes usually tend not to provide much […] Read More →

The ocean is the classroom at The Paddle Academy – Orange County Register

Friday, May 26th, 2017:

Not a bad playground. Doheny State Beach offers a perfect landscape for youth during the Paddle Academy, an after-school program that specializes in the popular sport of stand-up paddleboarding. (Photo by Laylan Connelly) The Paddle Academy, which trains out of Dana Point, teaches paddlers everything from basics of the sport to how to excel in competitions. The group first does a warm up on the grass, then hit the water to train. (Photo by Laylan Connelly) Tyler Bashor has no problem admitting he was deathly afraid of the water. Just getting past the surf break on a stand-up paddleboard was […] Read More →

How to Select the Right Curtains for your Home?

Friday, May 26th, 2017:

Curtains and blinds are the most common thing which is used in every house to enhance the decor of a room. These are used not only for windows covering items but also as home decorating essentials that provide style and grace and make your home’s interior more beautiful and elegant. Curtains and blinds can make the biggest change in your house. They’re highly important to make your house beautiful. If you use right curtains and take care of shapes and sizes, colors, fabric; they will turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. So, it is important to select the best […] Read More →

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