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The resurgence of religion has not come despite modernisation but because of it

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

In his 1967 book, The Sacred Canopy, sociologist Peter Berger, famously argued that religion would decline and become redundant as the world modernised. Three decades later, equally famously, he did a volte-face and said he had been proven wrong; religion was back with vengeance. Like so many “theorists of modernity,” Berger had made the mistake of thinking of modernisation as abstract history instead of concrete social reality, a tack sociologists inherited from Enlightenment philosophy. The philosophies of that era entertained a conceptual understanding of history as a long arc with an inbuilt direction, purpose, or goal (telos) and seen through […] Read More →

Publish In the New Brain Training Article Directory

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

I have created a new article directory with specific categories for the Brain Training/Brain Fitness marketplace. Current categories include Brain Games, General Info, Memory and Aging, Memory and Diet, Memory and Emotion, Memory and Exercise, Memory and Hypnosis, Memory and Meditation, Memory and Sleep, Stress, and Study Skills. Please contact me if you would like another category added. The Brain Training niche is exploding. Type ‘ brain training’ into Google and you’ll get 37,800,000 hits. The industry did over $ 200,000,000 dollars in 2007. I believe the rising popularity of the brain training / brain fitness industry is a direct […] Read More →

Taxes are higher than ever! Whites face discrimination! How do we combat alternative reality?

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

“Alternative facts” are bad enough, but we’re facing something far more serious: Alternative worldviews in which up is down, future is past and all bets are off. Simply reacting to the most outrageous lies is not strategically smart enough. We need to work more seriously on a more comprehensive response — even as we need to become more sensitive to how far the inversions of reality have spread, and what ends they serve. For example, the day before taxes were due, NPR reported on an IPSOS poll  that found that a 44 percent plurality of Americans mistakenly believed that the richer […] Read More →

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