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Wednesday, February 1st, 2017:

[ad_1] This article is not meant to diagnose or provide medical advice—that responsibility lies with physicians. The author is not a licensed medical professional. Adult acne sneaks up on almost every woman, yet it’s rarely as simple as a single pimple that can be covered with a little makeup. As a woman’s body goes through pregnancy, begins to shift in their fertility and eventually hits menopause, hormones are flying, which can lead to some pretty strange side effects. One of the most common is acne—especially on the chin. Most acne experts agree that chin acne is caused […] Read More →

PUC Approves Revised Solar Power Incentives

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017:

[ad_1] PUC Approves Revised Solar Power Incentives State regulators today approved new rules for the incentives received by Maine residents who install solar-power systems. The Public Utilities Commission’s plan won’t take effect until next year, and in the meantime, the latest action is getting a thumbs down from lawmakers and solar advocates who support strong incentives and from those who want smaller ones, including Gov. Paul LePage. The existing rules center on what’s called “net energy billing” or “net metering,” which give small energy producers — think rooftop solar panels — a credit when they create more electricity than they […] Read More →

No, Ayn Rand Did Not Want American Citizens To Be Selfish

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017:

[ad_1] In modern America, February 2 is best known as Groundhog Day. But it also marks the birth of one of the most praised and criticized thinkers of the past century – Ayn Rand. Rand sold more than 30 million books. Atlas Shrugged has been ranked behind only the Bible as an influence on readers’ lives. She has also been stridently attacked for issues such as her militant atheism. But perhaps least understood has been her full-bore rejection of altruism. On her birthday, it is worth reconsideration.    Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot Ayn Rand Modern usage has eroded the […] Read More →

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