2017 Rising Stars: Director Lucy Cashion favors a nontraditional approach to the classics | Arts and theater

A “Macbeth” where members of the audience take their seats around the nightmare banquet table. An “Oedipus” with a big, steampunk-esque machine rolling its way toward inevitable tragedy. A “Romeo and Juliet” inspired by the children’s game Telephone.

Lucy Cashion, founder of Equally Represented Arts, loves the classics — but not in any traditional sense.

Director Lucy Cashion brings a postmodern perspective to the classics

For this director, the classics are a starting point, bursting with good stories and ideas that are ripe for the reimagining.

Who knows what she will bring to her latest, ERA’s new and no doubt provocative stage adaptation of “Snow White”? The local headliner of the 2017 St. Lou Fringe, it debuts Aug. 17-26 at the Grandel. Drawing on various versions of the myth, from German folktales to Donald Barthelme, it’s a nonlinear, impressionistic treatment of the story, filtered through a dense cultural context. Don’t bring the kids.

Although Cashion, 33, came onto the St. Louis…

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