2017 Cadillac Escalade: The Ease of Luxury

Luxury vehicles like the 2017 Cadillac Escalade need to tackle three key components to be truly luxurious: space, choice and ease of use. In fact, I think anything with a luxury label needs these key components to truly be luxurious. Hotels, airline seats, home furnishings, houses. Well, OK, maybe not clothing. Overalls have an amazing ease of use and can be quite large but I don’t think that makes them luxurious.

HGTV has a show called “Tiny Luxury.” Sorry, HGTV, there’s no such thing. Those two words negate each other. It’s kind of like creating a book titled “The Low-Price Guide to Classic Ferraris” or an iTunes album called “Buck Cherry’s Greatest Hits.” Sorry, dude. No such thing.

Luxury hotels get this — some of my favorites include the Le Roch Hotel and Spa in Paris, El Encanto in Santa Barbara, Bernardus Lodge in Carmel and the Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa. Each has its own take on luxury. The Le Roch is in the heart of Paris’ 1st Arrondissement and has big windows and a generous amount of space even with the basic rooms — but the overall size of the hotel isn’t overwhelming. The Carneros Resort and Spa offers individual cottages with private back yards — and even within that formula, you can choose different levels. They’ll even sell you a cottage if you want to permanently live in the peaceful surroundings of vineyards and San Pablo Bay breezes.

In fact, there’s something about Napa that perfectly complements the Escalade. It’s like both are romanticized versions of their true selves. The Escalade is a big truck-based SUV, and Napa is essentially a farming community with a fancy facade.

Brian Moody

2017 Cadillac Escalade wood and suede interior treatment

Yet the Escalade is about much more than just a facade, as it really delivers on the luxury theme, with both space and choices. There are nine exterior paint choices and three interior color choices as well as four trim choices, each more luxurious than the other. In addition, the…

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